The Serbian Water polo National Team is getting ready for their quarterfinal match, against the United States. The Dolphins have won all of their prior games, and have reached this next phase of the competition as first in their group. The awaited QF match will be played tomorrow, (Tuesday) at 20:30 CET, as the last match of the evening.

One of the biggest favorites for winning this year’s World championship in Kazan has played “a very good preparation match” against Croatia, before the big day.

The team members state that they won’t be falling under pressure after the statements made by the US coach, Dejan Udovičić, as well as the fact that victories aren’t guaranteed.  “We are the favorites, but that means nothing now. There can be no underestimating of the opponent. (…) Nobody will say much to them if they lose against Serbia, while our goal is the medal.”