They had the initiative , the two pointers and the flops, but didn’t end up with the upper hand. Andorra was defeated (85:79) by an oscillating Zvezda in another nerve-wracking match in Belgrade

Zvezda v Andorra Belgrade Eurocup
Photo: J.L.

The away court didn’t seem to mind Morabanc Andorra, since they managed to get a lead in the first quarter. Lead by coach Ibon Navarro, the guests took advantage of an ever oscillating game shown by Zvezda..

Tonight’s home team found their footing in the second quarter, finally giving around 4500 fans a reason to occasionally cheer. Notorious for a very hot and above all, loud stage, Belgrade’s Aleksandar Nikolić Hall  was nearly silent during the first half.

Despite filling up more seats than in the first round of Eurocup, the atmosphere was still far from the standard European volume Belgrade was used to in the passed seasons.

Zvezda began fluctuating in the third quarter, which meant Andorra had an open space for recovering the lead. Drawing fouls and interrupting Zvezda’s transitions was enough to turn the game back to the initial uncertainty.

Giving force to the guests were Albicy, Whittington and Ennis, formerly part of Belgrade’s Red and Whites.

A completely open score in the final quarter woke up the home crowd. So did a number of fouls against Zvezda. With an occasional flop and overzealous refs, the fourth quarter lasted nearly 20 minutes.

Joe Ragland and Mo Faye were keeping Zvezda afloat, with the nervous crowd waiting for the final whistle. Holding the final possession, Zvezda waited for the final 18 seconds to run out. Leaving the score at 85:79.

Knowing the game could have easily gone the other way, it’s back to the drawing board for both teams.