A very interesting, fast paced game is showing that there will be plenty to look out for in the new football season. The European Supercup ended by a 5-4 result, in favor of FC Barcelona.

La Supercopa de Europa terminó con un 5-4 a favor del FC Barcelona.

After a routine first half, that the blaugrana used to show off their skills, the second half brought us more goals, and the thought that it was only a matter of result that will bring Barça their first trophy of the season. But that was the moment when Sevilla started to wake up. A round of swift goals, a penalty against Barcelona, resulted in a change of score in only a few minutes time. By the 81′ , it was 4-4 and it seemed like it could be anyone’s victory. Additional time was played, and in the 115′ minute, out of nowhere… Pedro surprised Sevilla’s excellent keeper, Beto.

A goal that could be his last for the Catalan team, considering the very strong transfer rumours. The Spanish attacker has expressed his discontent with the position he was given, or better said, taken from in the team. During Luis Enrique’s time as head coach, Pedro Rodríguez hasn’t had sufficient playing time, nor the spotlight that he obviously wishes.

The player that saved Barcelona from a vey possible defeat has entered the game during the overtime period, even though he was supposed to form part of the starting 11. Various media outlets have mentioned his conflict with the management, to be the reason of him not stepping onto the pitch from the very start. Either way, this was a moment for Pedro to show off his talent. And let the people in suits do the rest.

This was also Iniesta’s first game of being the official team captain, after Xavi’s departure from blaugrana. He was voted by his team mates.

This is Barça’s 5th UEFA Supercup title.

La victoria del Barça. En un partido que parecía rutinario, donde lo único que no se podría adivinar sería el resultado final, termino siendo todo un triler. Después de la primera parte, que definitivamente confirmó lo susodicho, se entra al intervalo de goles del Sevilla, e incluso un penalti  a su favor, gracias al error de Mathieu. En el minuto 81, llegamos hasta un 4-4. La situación de la cual todo podría pasar.

Pero, uno que no lo permite es Pedro Rodríguez. El posible ex-blaugrana marca un precioso gol en el minuto 115, confirmando la victoria de su equipo. El de Tenerife ha tenido varias opciones para salir del club, y considerando la situación en la que se encuentra, es muy posible que se decida optar par uno de los equipos de la Premier League. Se le conecta mucho al Manchester United. Un fichaje que se decía como “trato hecho” en Inglaterra, desde hace semanas. De todas formas, hoy ha demostrado todo lo que el Barça perderá, en el caso de que se vaya.

Por otra parte Andrés Iniesta fue nombrado como el nuevo Capitán, después de la marcha de Xavi. Sus compañeros le habían votado, antes del partido contra Sevilla.

Esta es la 5. Supercopa de Europa en manos del F.C. Barcelona.


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