Team Serbia has completed the Oran Mediterranean Games with 31 medals, winning a record-breaking 13 golds.

Photo: OKS

This makes the recently finished 2022 Oran Games their most successful in recent history, with Serbian athletes showing great form in both individual and team events.

Serbia has won gold in wrestling, fencing, shooting, long jump, judo and of course – water polo.

The individual winners are: Viktor Nemeš (wrestling), Magomedgazi Nuraslov (wrestling), Zorana Arunović and Damir Mikec (shooting, both in mix doubles and individual), Milenko Sebić (shooting), Armin Sinančević (short put), Milica Gardašević (long jump), Vladimir Mirončikov (boxing), Veljko Ćuk (fencing), Nina Stanisavljević (swimming) and Adriana Vilagoš (javelin throw) and Marica Perišić (judo).

The silver medals came in karate, judo, shot put, shooting, 3×3 basketball, among others, while handball got the bronze in both Men’s and Women’s tournaments in the final days of competition.

Serbia’s young athletes show promise for the future with careers that are bound to be filled with success.

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