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Dragi moji,

Sajt trenutno prolazi kroz proces izmena, te neke funkcije privremeno neće biti dostupne, poput neometanog pregleda fotografija i snimaka. Trudiću se da vreme ovakvog rada svedem na minimum i eventualne probleme rešim u najkraćem roku.

Hvala vam na strpljenju.

There will be changes to this blog, both the technical and the aesthetic part.

Hence, the site might be offline in the upcoming days, as I’m working on a new setup. With some help.

Hopefully I will have some material for you by the end of the Eurobasket QFs.

Thank you for your patience.


The always necessary daily dose of inspiration. To me, it is these boys. Serbia’s waterpolo National Team. Aside from athletic inspiration, the Dolphins represent an example of commitment, dedication and hard work that really does pay off.

The unedited archives. Photo: J.L.

I took this image last winter, on the European Championship, played right here in Belgrade. On which, Serbia won… You’ve guessed it, gold.

This weekend, a lot is going to change. And I can’t wait to share it with all of you. Stay tuned. 

Playing with domains so far only gets you a headache. Bring in the Advil, we’re only human here. The blog is staying on WordPress for now. More updates in due time.

And here’s your daily inspiration. Fresh from the home of football in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Photo: Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

A year ago I decided to pour all of my sporting related interests into one, creating this blog. Time did fly by. Entire leagues, cups, and transfer windows amount up to the 365 days that are now behind us. 

Photo: NatGeo

Pre tačno godinu dana (WordPress me je podsetio), rešila sam da svoja sportska i druga srodna interesovanja centralizujem, stvarajući tako ovaj blog. Proletelo je vreme, a sa njim i lige (verovali ili ne, čitava JSL), kupovi, šampionati, prijateljske…