Former European champion forced to find new home

Vaterpolo klub Crvena zvezda predstavljao je simbol preporoda srpskog klupskog sporta. Međutim, crveno-beli su zbog lošeg finansijskog stanja bili prinuđeni da napuste Beograd u potrazi za novim i povoljnijim ,,domaćim” terenom.

Foto: Web

Red Star’s water polo team has moved from their Belgrade HQ. Due to a huge financial tole the club has been facing in the past three years, the Champions of 2013 have moved their “home court” to the city of Zrenjanin, about 80km away from the country’s capital. This set of events is only the last one to show the truly devastating condition of Serbia’s most prized sport. With a reminder that it is the home of the Olympic Champions.