Another Dolphin turns 30. Andrija Prlainović was born in the coastal town of Herceg Novi. Having loved sports since childhood, Prlainović ended up in water polo, as so many others living by the sea. 

Source: Tanjug

Nevertheless, he turned out very differently.  Our favorite Eleven is the owner of some 40  team medals, and individual awards. The one shining the brightest is undoubtedly the Olympic gold.

U poslednjoj pripremnoj utakmici na domaćem terenu pre početka Olimpijade, Delfini su savladali Mađarsku sa 12:11. Sprema se pohod na Rio.

Photo: J.L.

In their last prep match in home waters, Serbia has beat Hungary by 12:11 in a true water polo spectacle, that these two National teams guarantee every time they meet. The Dolphins are now off to Italy for their final round of preparations, and then it is off to Rio.