After a tense World Cup final, absolutely worthy of the occasion, Argentina ousted France after penalties. A cycle is complete. Han ganado los pibes!

The final result of 3-3 brought in sufficient excitement for all of us outside the conflict. To us it wasn’t a matter of life and death. However it did feel that majority of the football-loving world was supporting Argentina. The country that truly lives for football that is now shaking with excitement and happiness for their National Team.

Selekcija Maroka savladala je novog u nizu favorita. Nakon Španije, danas je pao i Portugal (1:0). Igrači Valida Regragija se sada pripremaju za polufinale, svesni činjenice da je svaki njihov meč deo nove fudbalske istorije.

Maroko slavi
Foto: Mimi Fawaz, via Twitter

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Qatar World Cup
The 974 Stadium will now be dismantled. Photo: Web

It’s now zero pressure to watch the World Cup from Serbia… If you know what I mean. Watching football for the simple sake of the game offers a very special charm. The kind in which you can relax with you favorite snack and enjoy seeing the ball rolling.

Today’s matches featured: Croatia beating Japan after penalties and Brazil ousting South Korea (4-1).

Zvezda’s Group C, fondly known in Serbian as “the group of death” was a bit too much on their first run at the Champions League in 25 years. As per expected, PSG got a clear 4:1 win in Belgrade.

Zvezda mosaic v PSG. Fans at the Champion's League match.
Photo: J.L.

It really happened! Through teamwork and the amazing goal by Aleksandar Kolarov, Serbia won their initial game of the World Cup!

Serbia at World Cup
Foto: Guliver/Getty images/Maddie Meyer

Iniesta dobija loptu. Prelazi Marsela, pa Ramosa; u savršenoj je poziciji na ivici šesnaesterca. Šutira i… Gol! Od naredne sezone, ovakvih scena više neće biti u Barseloni.

Andres Iniesta
Foto: EFE