The always necessary daily dose of inspiration. To me, it is these boys. Serbia’s waterpolo National Team. Aside from athletic inspiration, the Dolphins represent an example of commitment, dedication and hard work that really does pay off.

The unedited archives. Photo: J.L.

I took this image last winter, on the European Championship, played right here in Belgrade. On which, Serbia won… You’ve guessed it, gold.

Iceland offers a warm welcome to their heroes after a terrific performance in the Euro 2016. The open bus, the suits, and tens of thousands of happy cry fans were streamed live on the National TV. A beautiful event that once again showed off the true values of sport. 

You can also see the full event, right here. It will warm up your heart even if you don’t speak a word of the language. 

The players of Vojvodina Handball Club, have managed to impede a Jordanian citizen from trying to open one of the plane doors, as the Lufthansa aircraft was traveling from Fraknfurt to Belgrade. This way impeding a large scale incident.

Srpska košarkašica Nataša Kovačević, ponovo je na terenu! Nakon potpisivanja za ŽKK Crvena zvezda, mlada heroina je danas odigrala svoju prvu povratničku utakmicu, protiv ekipe Studenta iz Niša.  Na domaćem terenu, košarkašice Zvezde lako su savladale protivnice, rezultatom 78:47 uz prednost u svim aspektima igre.  Zvezdina zvezda, srećna i zahvalna.

Najveća pobeda. Foto: MN Press.
Najveća pobeda. Foto: MN Press.