After eight years the Serbian National Team is back. The long break from international competitions has produced a change in squad, a new captain and a disputed coach. The country that relishes football more than any other sport is trying to keep the faith while constantly being played with.

Homecoming of Serbian athlethes
Source: Njuz

As we await a potentially very interesting match between China and Serbia in their last match of the Group stage at the Rio Olympics, there are a lot of stakes to be taken into consideration.

In case of a win, Serbia will get into the knockout stage of the competition, for the first time as an independent state. A truly historical success for a generation that has a lot at stake. The players of Aleksandar Đorđević, lead by captain Miloš Teodosić are on their first ever Olympics, and expectations from the team, and back home are running high.

China on the other hand is looking for international confirmation of their rising popularity in basketball. Despite the importance, the atmosphere is expected to be sports worthy.

The beginning of the world’s most important league is upon us. As the first quarters are being played around the States, you can watch the games on all of your devices, or follow the play by play on the official  NBA website.  All in all, God bless the tech.

This will undoubtedly be an interesting season, especially for the Serbian New Wave, looking for ways to prove themselves under the brightest of lights. Bjelica, Marjanović, even Jokić… And a reason for most of the Balkans to be staying up late at night, once again. Getting more used to the American style of play.