Ole Gunar Solskjer više nije trener Mančester junajteda. Kap koja je prelila čašu, bio je fijasko protiv Votforda, koji ni Glejzeri više nisu mogli da ignorišu. Privremeno ga odmenjuje Majkl Kerik.

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Man United lost to Tottehnam 0:2. Their away match was all about attempts that led nowhere and gave away precious points. Tottehnam were more than motivated, scoring their first goal in the first 60 seconds on the field. Eriksen scored for the spurs in second 11 after a beautiful assist by fan favorite Harry Kane.

Manchester United finished their match against Southampton with an uneventful 0:0. The Reds final fixture of the year is a staple of everything currently wrong with their game.

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At least for a few hours, we had the chance to see an epic set of players reunite for the Reds, as Old Trafford was saying: Thank you to club legend Michael Carrick. 

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Tonight they took a Europa League trophy against Ajax (0:2). Three managers, and a series of result turmoils later, an almost entirely new squad raised the trophy that leads them to the much more coveted Champions League. 


Jose Mourinho has officially been confirmed as the new manager of Manchester United. After a very unglamorous goodbye to Louis Van Gaal, the controversial Portuguese will take over United’s bench. 

The details of the contract are yet to be known, while the fans reactions are divided.

Louis Van Gaal is no longer the manager of Manchester United. After a regrettable season, many misjudgements and a failed transfer list, the controversial Dutchman will not form part of the Red Devils in seasons to come.

This news comes as a relief to millions of fans worldwide, who have been campaigning against Van Gaal on social media for months. He will most likely be replaced by another controversial coach, also fired from his previous club. – Jose Mourinho.

Another legendary career has come to an end, as Nemanja Vidić announces his retirement from professional football. The incredible defender from the Serbian town of Užice, has made an incredible mark in the european football history, becoming one of the best centre backs that was ever seen on the perfectly green pitches of the world. 

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The 170th encounter between Manchester United and Manchester City ends at 0-0. After 93 minutes of play, and an occasional good opportunity for the home team, no goals were seen at Old Trafford. A disappointing ending, for what was supposed to be a real spectacle for fans around the globe. Despite the zeros on the monitor, City goes onto being the EPL leader for the week. While the fans go and take a nap.

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Another proof of Juan Mata’s great shape, is the latest challenge the Spanish midfielder decided to have fun with. The goal is to score as many times possible, with a blindfold covering his eyes.
It is not a surprise that he has done well.
The video was uploaded to the official Youtube channel, hosted by one of Man United’s best players of the year, and is already turning out to be a huge hit. Chances are, there will be plenty of more ideas to through.

Huan Mata pogađa i zatvorenih očiju. Kao što može da se primeti u snimku koji je juče postavljen na njegov zvanični kanal. Dok se gotovo stotinu hiljada ljudi divi veštinama španskog vezizste, jasno je da će se za Matu lako naći još koji izazov.