Ni pobeda, ni remi. U jeku maksimalnog entuzijazma za srpsku reprezentaciju i početka iz snova, Orlovi su poraženi sa 1:2 od selekcije Švajcarske. Umesto slavlja zbog ulaska u osminu finala, ekipa Mladena Krstajića pognute glave je napustila teren. Naši navijači, pokisli i promrzli, ponovo su propatili. Ne samo zbog fudbala, već i zbog sudije.

Srbija Svajcarska Kalinjingrad
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After eight years the Serbian National Team is back. The long break from international competitions has produced a change in squad, a new captain and a disputed coach. The country that relishes football more than any other sport is trying to keep the faith while constantly being played with.

Homecoming of Serbian athlethes
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The most exciting month for football fans worldwide is closer by the day. Here are the basics about the upcoming World Cup through text and infographics

Source: FIFA

Slovenia is the new European champion. By beating Serbia (93:85) they reached a historical hight.

*Note: Article originally from Sep 17th.

 Serbia beat Italy by 83:67 for a spot in the Eurobasket semifinals.

Source: FIBA Eurobasket

Serbia was able to pull everything back together, winning the bronze medal at the Water Polo World Championship. The Dolphins beat Greece by 11:8 in their well known style, taking the podium at 10/10 competitions. 

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After the less than shocking quitting of Nikola Jokić, Serbia’s National Team had its first tweaks. The broad list of 25 players got cut down to only 17. 

Source: FIBA

Serbia will have a mix of both Euroleague and NBA experience, which should give them enough of a competitive boost.  The names are the same, while the ambitions are higher with every tournament.

The strongly covered case of Nikola Jokić has finally gotten to the proper channels. Serbia’s Basketball Federation has issued a press release, tackling his potential lack of participation on the Eurobasket.

Poslednji dan Stare godine, poznat je kao dan za rezimiranje, rekapitulaciju iz prethodnih 365. Sport nam je tokom 2016. godine dao mnogo razloga za veselje. Olimpijci, mladi fudbaleri, košarkaši, vaterpolisti…

 Foto: J.L.

The last day of the current year is always destinated to recaps of the part 365. Sport has given us so many reasons to be happy. Football, basketball, the Olympics. For Serbia, that obviously had to be water polo, which definitely marked the year 2016.

One of water polo’s most beloved pairings has officially retired from the National Team. Slobodan Nikić and teammate Živko Gocić have played their last match as Dolphins at the Tašmajdan pool in Belgrade, Serbia.

cica zile 2.JPG
Nikić (left) and Gocić (right), enjoying their seats. Photo: J.L.