Novak Đoković wins his 10th Aussie Open title for a total of 22 Grand Slams. His tearful celebration was followed by the entire freedom loving world. Melbourne is the land of Đoković.

Novak Australian Open 22
The 10th kiss. Photo: Australian Open

Novak Đoković wins his record 30th ATP Masters by beating Kei Nishikori (2:0) in the Rogers Cup final. This is Novak’s 4th title in Toronto, which officially makes him the player with the most Masters titles in the Open era.

World No.1 is now ready for the Olympics

France, as host, has come a long way. And after a victory against Turkey in the city of Lille, they are well into the quarterfinals. A record breaking European event, thanks to almost 27. 000 people. A total of 26. 136 spectators, that broke Red Star’s record, of 24. 232 souls, from March of 2014.  Obviously, both records represent modern achievements, that came after the downsizing of hall capacities, and new safety standards.

Source: Eurobasket. All rights reserved.
Source: Eurobasket.