Serbia is in the Eurobasket finals! They beat Russia by 87:79 for a spot in Europe’s  most important match.

Source: FIBA

After an incredible winning streak, of seven games and as many victories, Serbia has lost. Lithuania  was the team to break this amazing score, by a 67-64 win over the Eagles.

Photo: Eurobasket. All rights reserved.
Photo: Eurobasket

The Greens proceed into the final, as Serbia is left to fight for bronze on Sunday against an equally disappointed France. The host intends to end the competition with a medal, while Serbia is looking for at least a third place solace. Nevertheless, the 2016 Olympics will still stay as a hypothetical option for both teams, as only the spot in the final was a guarantee for a trip to Rio.

After a very week start, Spain continues to pull through even during the final rounds of the Eurobasket. A disputed win over Greece, after which Vassilis Spanoulis announced his retirement from the National team, Spain surpassed France, during last night’s first semifinal. This year France broke the tradition, in which the hosting nation were to reach the final phases of a major tournament. A new crowd record was set, at 26.922 spectators.