He is also currently playing the doubles match alongside Viktor Troicki, against Russia during Day 2 of the Davis Cup. The man deserves all the praise. 

The man of the hour, first on the left. Photo: Starsport.

This round of matches is being played in Niš, and they are the first in which Zimonjić’s prime role is that of coach.

Callsen-Bracker suffers a broken fibula, after a foul

Augsburg’s center-back is gravely injured during the Partizan-Augsburg match last night in Belgrade. The 31 year-old player has at least one fracture, that is currently being treated with a cast.

Uprkos prvobitnim nadama, fudbaler Augsburga Jan Kalsen-Braker, doživeo povredu, težu od očekivane. Štopera nemačkog tima, povredio je igrač Partizana Nikola Ninković, koji je nerezonskim startom prekinuo sezonu ovom tridesetjednogodišnjem igraču.