A victory for Viktoria. After the first leg match of the final qualifying stage for the Europa League, Vojvodina loses to Viktoria Plzen, with a 3-0 score (Kopic 25′, 82′, and Vanek 47′). The players of Zlatomir Zagorčić weren’t able to neutralize the efforts offered by the Czech rival.

Viktoria’s defence was too strong, even for the talented Ožegović, Stanisavljević and Pankov. A match that was more difficult, than the Serbian team had imagined.  The Czech’s force in the defensive, mixed with the insecurity of the Serbian guests was a recipe for a fairly easy victory for the host.

It is difficult to believe that the same squad, that was able to win over teams such as Sampdoria, was able to fall so easily, at such an important stage. But all  is not lost, even though most hopes do seem to have gone down.

The rematch is being played a week from now, at the Karađorđe stadium, in Novi Sad. It will be the last step for Vojvodina to cross, in a historical run at the Europa League. They have raised the bar this season, and accomplished a great deal in promoting Serbian club football. This generation has been creating history, during the past months, and it is obvious that they can do much more. The only question is, whether or not the young team is satisfied by participating alone. Or are they able to get to the finish line first?