The new 3 on 3 World Champions are back in Serbia. After a long trip from China, the basketball artists have landed at the Nikola Tesla airport earlier tonight. They got themselves a new title last weekend, after beating the US in a final that ended with 21:16.

Tired smiles before a well deserved rest. Photo: KSS

The players (Domović, Savić, Majstorović and Ždero) were welcomed by their friends, family and fans, together with the executives of the Serbian Basketball Federation. All agreeing that this gold represents a great pride for both the country and the sport that will now be getting more publicity necessary for further development.

Photo: KSS

The 3 on 3 is one of the most attractive sport disciplines, that often lacks sponsorship and media attention. Nevertheless, the skill level shown in these matches will often surpass that of an average NBA match, especially when it comes to the most prominent of the “hoops” players.

The hope is that a title of this magnitude will raise awareness and interest of the public for the professional level of the game, which will then improve the training possibilities and many more trophies like this.