The most exciting month for football fans worldwide is closer by the day. Here are the basics about the upcoming World Cup through text and infographics

Source: FIFA

I won’t be doing the countdown for you, but the most exciting competition in the world starts June 14th and ends the night of July 15th. The final will be held at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia’s capital.

The stadium has 81.000 seats and the estimated visits to the World Cup run in the millions.

The tournament will be played in 11 cities:

Source: Football-s

The competition will consist of 32 National Teams. Including Serbia, after 8 years of break from the major international competitions.  Team Serbia will most likely be lead by Mladen Krstajić, currently interim coach, since the finalized liquidation of Slavoljub Muslin’s contract.

Source: Football-s

So far, Krstajić managed to do what Muslin couldn’t. Unite the Serbian public, at least over how much they dislike him as coach.

Russia 2018 will be the face of many changes in world of football. It will represent many firsts and lasts when it comes to international appearances, from players who are retiring, to the brand new coaching staff.

Schedules World Cup
Full schedules. Source: Cartan

All things considered, tensions are running high, but so are the expectations. Whatever happens, one thing is for sure. It won’t be boring; it can’t be boring. It’s football!