Hearts FC, a seemingly small Scottish football team from the Midlothian region, has decided to show thanks to their most loyal supporters. Not that long ago, the club was facing major financial issues, fighting to stay afloat. That was the moment when Anne Budge and associates got involved, forming a foundation whose only goal was to keep the club alive.

The Foundation of Hearts  has over 8000 members that have become united over saving their beloved club. Now that the Hearts seem safe, the board has decided to thank them by a special Tribute kit. The third kit of the Scots, now has all the names of paying members printed out on the shirts.

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Now the players can carry the fans next to their hearts, just like the supporters have, all these years. Not a better way to show gratitude and dedication, on both sides of the spectrum.  The Puma made kit can be preordered online, but won’t be in stores until November, for a price rounding 50 euros. The Hearts will wear it for the first time, by the end of the year. during the Premiership, or the Scottish Cup. 

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Photo: Web.

Needless to say that this represents an example of how a selfless collective thought can make a huge impact on common goals.