Another legendary career has come to an end, as Nemanja Vidić announces his retirement from professional football. The incredible defender from the Serbian town of Užice, has made an incredible mark in the european football history, becoming one of the best centre backs that was ever seen on the perfectly green pitches of the world. 

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Born on October 21st in 1981. he started playing football from an early age, and his talent was quickly noticed far from his hometown. At only fifteen, he became part of Red Star’s younger categories, leaving on loan to play in Subotica. By the time he was 21, he got back to Belgrade, where he stayed for the next three years.

During the 2001-2004 interval, he became one of the club’s biggest new age legends, taking pride in his Captain title, which he held until the day he left for Moscow.

After to seasons in Russia, the battle for the talented centre back continued. A battle that was eventually won by Manchester United.

Vidić played his first match for the Red Devils on January 25th of 2005, and won his first trophy less than a month later. A strong start of a career that will become legendary in the eyes of all the Premier League fans.

During his stay in Manchester, he became Team Captain, winning 15 titles with the Reds, including 5 Premier League trophies, a Champions League and a Club World Cup. His individual recognitions include two Player of the Year awards in 2009 and 2010, and four consecutive places in the PL Team of the Year, between 2007 and 2011.

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He will remain known as one of Sir Alex’s best signings, as the pitch partnership with Rio Ferdinand was turning into perfection.  A crowd favorite, with a very catchy song.

He was part of the Serbian National Team between 2002 and 2011.

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A departure from England was announced in 2014, and after a spectacular goodbye, Vidić went onto playing for Inter, where he showed constant fluctuations due to his injuries and Roberto Mancini’s match policies. The contract with the Neroazzuri was ended by a mutual agreement, with stories on his return to the EPL.  Everyone was secretly hoping for a chance to see something like this again.

Sadly, for football fans of the world, Nemanja Vidić has announced his retirement from sport earlier today.  Many Red Star fans were disappointed over him not wanting to play one last season at the Marakana, with the team that made him famous in the first place.

He will be remembered as one of a very few players who always went into the matches with full force, ignoring personal risks for the good of the team. A defender that would go head first, into situations where most others wouldn’t dare to intervene using their feet.

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Brave, stubborn and responsible, Nemanja Vidić will stay remembered as one of the very few remaining legends in modern football, that caused ovations all around the globe, with total focus on the game, and no ridiculous tattoos, nor crazy hair controversies.

A true Captain in every sense of the word.