It really happened! Through teamwork and the amazing goal by Aleksandar Kolarov, Serbia won their initial game of the World Cup!

Serbia at World Cup
Foto: Guliver/Getty images/Maddie Meyer

The puzzle pieces seem to be fitting right, at least at this point. Serbia’s midfield was able to handle Costa Rica’s ofence, while a good level of cohesion was the X-factor. They usually aren’t that well known for their unity in the field, but this match was different.

Not to mention Kolarov’s free kick was a thing of beauty.

It’s unclear whether the men from Team Serbia were finally able to grasp the expectations and handle them like grownups, or if they saw the playing field and simply realized it could be done. At this point of absolute euphoria in both Serbia and Russia, it doesn’t really matter.

That is, until the match against Switzerland.