No surprise here. Fifth consecutive WL  title for the new and improved Serbian National Team! Dejan Savić’s Dolphins have beat Italy in a tense final by 10:9.

Serbia played without retired captain Živko Gocić and Slobodan Nikić.

The first quarter showed all of Italy’s strength. The players of Alessandro Campagna took an amazing 4:0 lead against Serbia. This meant that team Serbia, the current champions, had to forget their worst quarter on the entire World League tournament. A slow comeback began with their first goal that ended Q1.

In the next ten minutes, came a series of goals for the Dolphins, getting into a 5:4 lead. The one that broke the glass ceiling was that of Gavril Subotić. The young player scored twice in a row, giving Serbia that incredibly necessary lead.

The second half meant a change of keeper in Serbia’s national team. Branislav Mitrović was replaced by Gojko Pijetlović. 

A very agressive, physically demanding tempo was present throughout the entire final. The score went to 5:5 and then 6:5 for Serbia.  Stefan Mitrović scored a second goal, for the increase of their lead to 7:5.

Di Fulvio, who earlier scored the first goal of the match took it down to 7:6. After a long attack, Filip Filipović torpedoed Italy from a great distance, for 8:6.

The fourth quarter was opened by the excellent Di Fulvio, who raised his team to 8:7. He was the man to watch for today.

Italy continued well with Valentino Gallo bringing an equalizer. After a having player more in the pool, Italy got a 9:8 lead.

Pijetlović took his vengance and marked another equalizer. An intense ending awaited, a bit similar to yesterday’s semis, where Serbia beat the US by 5:3 after penalties.

Our tandem Filipović-Pijetlović brought Serbia to a key 10:9 lead. One more wave of strong defence meant the match was officially done. The only thing left was to wait for the remaining 10 seconds to end.

A victory by an extra goal, for a success that both this team, and the nation are very much used to. The trophy stays with its rightful owners, with Italy as second and Croatia as thrid.