Slovenia is the new European champion. By beating Serbia (93:85) they reached a historical hight.

*Note: Article originally from Sep 17th.

Both teams started off checking out the playing field, feeling the opponent’s pulse. Despite Serbia taking a double digit lead by mid second quarter, Slovenia picked up the pace and completely changed their outlook.

Strange ref criteria created confusion throughout the match. Their lack of coordination and agreement in the second and third quarter  definitely leaves a lot to wish for.

By the end of the first half Slovenia was in the lead, leaving Serbia to chase after an equalizer. Thanks to Mačvan in the key area, and Bogdanović from the 6.75, they were able to get to 78:66 and 80:80.

The crowd in Istanbul was going wild, with the Slovenian side sounding increasingly optimistic as the time was going towards zero.

With only a minute away and 6 points advantage for Slovenia, team Serbia kept looking for a fast way to get ahead. Their precision gave out and Slovenia was left to increase the lead.

As hearts were breaking among the Serbian fans, the Slovenians have won a historical gold medal. Their first.

An excellent performance by Goran Dragić (35p) on one side and Bogdan Bogdanović on the other.  And a regret for the once again silver medalist, Serbia.

It must be mentioned that this outcome for Serbia is more than expected before the start of the competition. Considering the number of absent and injured players, many didn’t expect them to get past the group stage. This is their third consecutive podium.

Spain is third, Russia fourth.

All star 5: Bogdanović, Gasol, Dončić, Shved, Dragić.