An amazing game performed by the Serbian National team, after a strong victory against Italy, in the semifinals of the Waterpolo World Championship in Kazan.

The Serbian Dolphins have performed almost perfectly against a well known opponent, giving Italy very little room to breathe. Serbia has started strong from the very beginning, and has enforced its own pace to the other side, while scoring a steady amount of goals, from all of the angles imaginable. Even the Italian fouls were not enough to disrupt the game style of the Dolphins. A routine, but powerful finish in the second half was all that it took to make the difference in this semifinal, official.

A kind of dance in the cold pool that from afar looked so routine to the players of coach Dejan Savić, giving the crowd a chance to see truly beautiful moves and scores by Andrija Prlainović, who scored barely 2 minutes in, Živko Gocić, Duško Pijetlović, and many, many more.  It seemed that all of the game aspects have come together tonight in Kazan, allowing the Dolphins to truly show off their magic.

The next opponent is Croatia, after a penalty shoot of 13-10, against a pleasantly surprising Greece. The final will be played on Saturday, at 21:00 CET, in what is undoubtably going to be a spectacle worthy of a World Championship closing game.