The conclusion of Serbian basketball NT coach, Aleksandar Đorđević.

After a defeat in their second preparatory game, against France as host (78:65), Đorđević stated that the match was lost due to the team’s errors and that all of the members need to make strong efforts in order to reach the winning shape, before the beginning of the Eurobasket.

Coach Đorđević has expressed optimism, due to the obvious space for progress, and nearly a month more to improve the team’s play, considering the fact that once all of the players are able to reach their full potential, some returning from injuries, etc. we will have a chance to see a very different National Team performance.

There are more chances for all of the pieces to fall in together perfectly, in the days ahead. First, against Russia -tonight at 20:30 CET, and then in Serbia, against France, on August 12th. As well as next weekend. during the friendly Belgrade Trophy, a two day mini-tournament, August 15th and 16th. Both will be held at the Belgrade Kombank Arena. This time, Đorđević’s players will be the ones with the possibility to take advantage of the home court and the crowd support, which can undoubtably be a game changer.

The Eurobasket starts on September 5th, and lasts two weeks, in four different countries. The current World vice champions have high expectations for their participation in this prestigious competition.

Note: This post was edited to fix an error in the playing dates in Belgrade.