After Zvezda beat Liverpool in Belgrade (2:0), Europe is left in awe of the former champion. This season’s outsiders managed to outdo even the most optimistic expectations, through a player whose life turned a full 180 in less than six months.

Crvena zvezda - Liverpool fans
Phones were out as the entire stadium was covered in a mosaic: “May the fight never stop”


Zvezda got in front of the packed Rajko Mitić Stadium and won. The fans expected a show, but very few considered a win after the initial 0:4 in Liverpool.

Thanks to Napoli and PSG drawing (1:1), the scenario of Zvezda getting into the next stage isn’t completely impossible.  How’s that for a turn of events?

Feeling enormous support from their home crowd, the Red and Whites lost whatever fear they had and just went for it. The goal was taken care of, thanks to a great performance by keeper Milan Borjan.

The midfield left more to wish for, while the sides were well covered, not allowing Liverpool to get fully into it. That was enough.

The stage was set for Pavkov. The hero of the night who was considered an average player at best, after good spurs at Vojvodina and Radnički Niš.  The unexpected ace in Salzburg, made sure coach Vladan Milojević was elated after the final whistle in Belgrade.

Two beautiful goals in minutes 22 and 29 left the crowd ecstatic, optimistic and a bit confused. This was the same team who lost by 6 goals in Paris. Belgrade was making all of the difference. 

Klopp’s Scousers didn’t lose for the lack of trying. They had 65% of ball possession and more shots on goal, however this was a game where Zvezda finally took advantage of their chances, finishing round 4 with a win. 

The contrasts in league quality and individual pricing didn’t change a thing. As a bit of perspective, the entire squad of Zvezda is worth some 43M euros. Liverpool keeper Allison, the one who got beat by Pavkov’s mere 800k twice in a row, is worth 60M. Keep that in mind. 

While Belgrade is left to celebrate, at least for the night, group C is giving football fans around the world more reasons to keep their eyes peeled. As Zvezda can finally feel the reminiscing fire of hope.