Italy is officially out of the World Cup. This is the shocking epilogue after tonight’s second leg match against Sweden that ended in an all together (0:1). What makes this turn of events even worse is the fact that the Azzurri won’t be participating in a World Cup for the first time in sixty years!

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The last time they were out was before many of us were born. Back in 1958.

On the other hand, Sweden showed a much higher level of play and is deservingly the winner. Their high jumps and solid interruptions made it nearly impossible for the home team to get anything going, especially during the first half.

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Today the football loving world is mostly in shock over Italy being left behind. Their defeat is bigger news than Sweden’s win.

Italy’s final qualifiers match is also the final international match for team captain and legend of the sport, Gigi Buffon and a number of his teammates. The incredible keeper has cried his eyes out after the match ended, and couldn’t keep his tears even during interviews.

“The time passes and I’m sorry that my final official (National Team) match coincided with a non qualifier match for the World Cup”. -concluded Buffon.

Marking a very low point in Italy’s international football is the retirement of Barzagli and De Rosi from the National Team.

However, coach Ventura isn’t stepping down. At least not for the time being. Despite all of Italy wanting him to leave the spot for someone (anyone) else, he hasn’t offered a full resignation.

It’s nights like this, that mark the history of sport. For better or worse.