Zvezda’s Group C, fondly known in Serbian as “the group of death” was a bit too much on their first run at the Champions League in 25 years. As per expected, PSG got a clear 4:1 win in Belgrade.

Zvezda mosaic v PSG. Fans at the Champion's League match.
Photo: J.L.

PSG looked like a Sedan in comparison to a sturdy, refurbished Yugo. The Parisians were able to easily create chances left and right, and keeper Milan Borjan was no match to Neymar’s light and precise hit.

This was, by no means, going to say the Red and Whites would just wait around for the final whistle. At 0:3, Marko Gobeljić scored against Buffon, for a bit of that adrenaline rush and an absolute euphoria on the stands.

It would be a bit delusional to say that the home fans were expecting a win tonight at the Rajko Mitić Stadium. Despite the four goals scored by PSG, the air of disappointment  was nowhere to be found. Instead, you could feel a sense of pride amongst some 45k people, from beginning to end.

The pride fans feel when their team is back at Europe’s most prestigious competition after a quarter century.

Many of them were first timers, since this was Zvezda’s first group stage in their entire lifetime, which makes this half-season even more special.

Belgrade’s Red Star have one epic win for the books and one draw. Four points in six matches.

Since Napoli took third place, Zvezda lost their chance for the Europa League, which means they are now focusing all of their ambitions towards the National Championship, and undoubtedly, the next round of European qualifiers.