Serbia is in the mens Olympic quarterfinals! The players of coach Aleksandar Đorđević have beat China by 94:60 in a match dominated by the Serbs, supported from their fellow national team members in water polo. An even better rerun of last year’s match on the  Belgrade Trophy.

Photo: AP

Despite China’s man to man defence, the speed and precision of Serbia, tonight playing in white, was undeniable. It has to be mentioned that team China was showing off mostly very young players, considering their most experienced generation is on their way to a well deserved retirement. Nevertheless, we are definitely going to be hearing some of these names in the years to come. Especially as the style of the European players blends with the strong Chinese work ethics.

Photo: Getty

But to focus back on the match in Rio. Marko Simonović was one of the key players in the win of Team Serbia, alongside the young Nikola Jokić, while the participation of Miloš Teodosić provided leadership, assists and three pointers. Everything a big crowd wants to see. Bogdan Bogdanović was the night’s MVP with 19 points.

The defence was strong enough to prevent China’s attacks in the key area from reaching the desired spot. By the second part of the 4th quarter, the advantage for Serbia was that of 90:45. Any doubts on the winner were dispersed during the initial part of the match.

The Chinese attitude of not giving up until the final whistle was most commendable, despite such a clear leadership by the Serbs in one of their easiest performances yet.

Serbia is now off to their first quarterfinals as an independent state. The next opponent is yet to be seen, as the nation enjoys the successful end of this competition day.

*Note: a highlights video will be uploaded as soon as it becomes available.