Serbia wins in the match between the 4th and the 47th on the FIBA list. Keeping the 3rd spot in the group L. Estonia are currently last.

Serbia  - Estonia
Photo: FIBA

 The starting lineups:

Serbia: Bogdanović, Bjelica, Lučić, Milutinov, Jovic  

Estonia: Raiste Veideman Kullamae Kotsar Kurbas

Serbia starting off well by taking possession and scoring  a crowd-pleasing Bogdanovic 3.

Estonia getting shooting better precision and taking a 5-7 lead halfway through the first quarter.

The team of Aleksandar Đorđević gets an equalizer through Vladimir Lučić. However, this isn’t their A level, while Estonia is trying to get that W with everything. Unlike their past match, they are looking more and more alert.

Free throws and fast transitions later, Serbia got back the lead and leaving the quarter with 22:16.

Starting the second quarter, Estonia is easy in interrupting the flow of Serbia’s defense. 

The role of Nemanja Bjelica in the key area is that of extreme importance, which shows every time his confidence levels go up. However, he needs that three-point attitude, in order to fully get back on track.

Serbia Estonia
Photo: FIBA

Đorđević switching it up with Raduljica instead of Milosavljević.

Estonia has a whole of one fan in the stands who isn’t shy about cheering for his national team, which makes him all the more amusing to the surrounding Serbian crowd.

In the meantime, Serbia is back on track with 38:25.

The halftime ends with 45:29 to the home team, with hopes they will be able to keep the advantage going in the next twenty minutes.

Nemanja Bjelica starts Serbia off with a beautiful two point, right from the penalty area.

With three mins into the second half, Serbia is up by 20 points (51:31).

Nemanja Bjelica scoring a three and getting his team to 59 ponts.

Raieste returning the favor soon enough for 61:35.

At this point, the only dilemma seems to be the final score, with Serbia back to a much faster, steadier pace. Their confidence growing by the minute. 

The countdown is starting.  Some 5000 people at the country’s favorite basketball hall are counting the ten final seconds. Serbia wins by 91:65.

The concern for the upcoming days is the potential injury of Bogdan Bogdanović who didn’t play during the second part of the match. Feeling a discomfort in his recently operated knee, he was left on the bench. He will be examined first thing Monday.