Tonight they took a Europa League trophy against Ajax (0:2). Three managers, and a series of result turmoils later, an almost entirely new squad raised the trophy that leads them to the much more coveted Champions League. 


Since the debacle of David Moyes, United hasn’t been able to get back to the stages of their former glory.  Not even through the budget busting Van Gaal.

All things considering, tonight is an absolute success for the Mancunians. Despite Jose Mourinho being dubbed The Special One Point, due to his love for draws.

Nevertheless, one point at a time isn’t going to bring the Reds back to Champions League finals, nor a position of a serious Premier League contestant any time soon.

Mourinho’s changes at the helm of United have been expected. From the playing style to the actual players. The loud, proud, and expensive have almost replaced the homegrown players, which now get the chance to watch the big matches from the comfort of the bench.

The temper of the man who was anything but a Europa League fan, seems to be unprepared for any changes. But tonight, he seems happy, next to the trophy that marks the time that can make him or break him in Manchester.