The Prince of Rome has said his sporting goodbyes today, at the absolutely packed Olympic Stadium. Marking an end to his quoter of a century long era in Roma, Totti represents one of the very few faithfuls. Once a hopeful and talented boy is now leaving as a successful man. 

Source: Depor

An incredibly emotional day for the football living legend, that was greeted by family, friends, teammates and thousands of fans. Tributes to Totti were made throughout the city of Rome, from buses to murals.

Source: AS Roma

Born and raised in Rome, Totti started his path towards the stars in the red and orange jersey back in 1993, when he was only sixteen. The Captain has made it through a whopping 785 matches in 25 seasons, marking 307 goals. Despite being offered millions, he never left the Wolves.

And it is all his. Source: Web

In his long and prosperous career, Roma’s golden boy has won a World Championship, the Serie A and many MVP recognitions. He has undoubtedly left a permanent mark in the history of his sport, and the team that he managed to make his own with incredible grace.

To be born in Rome is a privilege, to be captain of Roma is an honor.