The Serbian basketball National team has managed to establish dominance and win their first game of this year’s Eurobasket

Both teams entered the match by testing the field. The players of Sergio Scariolo began with caution, missing points that they normally would have no problems scoring. A series of Serbia’s mistakes has pushed them into a fast rythm, and a solid scoring streak.

Photo by Starsport.
Photo by Starsport.

After an incredible 5-0 series ag the begining of the first quarter, the players of Aleksandar Đorđević seemed to have lost their focus, allowing Spain to get back into the game.  A technical fault against Đorđević had affected the squad’s focus, giving Spain further space to lift their game.

During most of the first halftime, Serbia was forced to chase the difference and drive the opponent to make a mistake. A lack of stronger innitiative and precision by the Serbian centers was noticed on court. The three pointers were finally materialized by Nemanja Nedović, scoring two in a row at the very end of the second quarter. A 2/8 success rate for the most important hit, in the first halftime. These reactions have further lifted the moral od the squad, allowing the result to be only two points away from a deuce. A total of 36-34, in favor of Spain.

During the rest of the game, both teams went in strong.  Some really beautiful key area situations were demonstrated by Miloš Teodosić and Stefan Marković.

A lead for Serbia was finally established around 4:45, in the third quarter, with a great three point hit by Nemanja Bjelica, one of the best players of the game, and tonight’s MVP.

A beautuful side to side situation, managed by captain Miloš Teodosić, and fantastically finished by Bogdan Bogdanović, with a three pointer, really made this third quarter for Serbia. The scores from the 6,75 line have definitely started for the Reds, during this interval, allowing a +12, and then a +10 point advantage for Serbia.

An almost 9m long three pointer by Nemanja Bjelica, came at 3:10, in response to an easy three by Pau Ribas. Definitely NBA material, who finished the game with a double double.

The rest of the final quarter has reminded us of the initial minutes of the match. Very few points, and strong reactions from both teams. But Serbia’s pace and another three point streak has taken away any doubts on the winner. The final score: 80-70, in favor of Serbia.

Sve je to normalno. 🙂


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