Another great victory for the Serbian National team on the Eurobasket. This time, against an expectedly tough opponent. The Czech team, lead by the 2,13m tall Jan Vesely, made sure there were no easy points. Their precision from the 6,75 border, as well as a strong defensive pace, gave team Serbia, a run for their money.

Teodosić performed with a double-double today. Photo: Eurobasket. All rights reserved.
Teodosić performed with a double-double today.
Photo: Eurobasket.
Očekivano težak meč protiv selekcije Češke, obeležen stalnim izmenama u oba sastava, te odličnim partijama Teodosića, Bjelice i Ercega. Kapiten je ovom prilikom uspeo da obori sopstveni rekord na šampionatu, od 13 asistencija, zabeleživši danas 12 poena i 14 asistencija, uz dabl-dabl učinak. Nemanja Bjelica imao je večeras 14 poena i 10 skokova, kao i 5 ličnih grešaka do kraja četvrte četvrtine.

Ponovo je manjkalo preciznosti sa linije 6,75 kao i konstantne snage u odbrani. Elementi koji će morati da dožive poboljšanje, kako se reprezentacija Srbije kreće ka završnim fazama takmičenja. Ipak, izabranici Aleksandra Đorđevića su pokazali karakter, te složnost u igri, koja je najbolje iskazana kroz odlične asistencije Miloša Teodosića, te energiju Bogdanovića i Nedovića.
Podrške publike ni danas nije manjkalo, uprkos činjenici da je improvizovana hala u Lilu na mahove delovala prilično prazno.

Sledi polufinale i naredni rival koji bi trebalo da bude poznat do kraja večeri, nakon odigranog meča između Letonije i Italije.

And yet, this represents a seventh victory, in as many matches for the Serbs. Zoran Erceg was the team MVP, with 20 points and 2 assists, while two of the players made it to a double-double score. Of course, we are talking about Miloš Teodosić, who broke his own record in Eurobasket assists record, with 14 assists and 12 points,  while Nemanja Bjelica, had 14 points and 10 rebounds. Bjelica also had 5 personal fouls, which only goes to show how serious this match was for him, and his team mates.

Serbia’s team captain went onto showing the kind of difference a high quality playmaker can have for the team. Even though his 3 point performance was far from exceptional, his communication with the rest of the team mates on court, was priceless.
During the post-match press conference, the Czech coach agreed: ” I think if you want to stop him (Teodosić), sometimes you need the police. (…) He is a great player. What can we do.” – joked Ronen Ginzburg.

There was another lacking in the team’s ability to remain focused, during the end of the third quarter, leading to an easy series of points by the Czechs. After which, team Serbia managed to get their triple aim improved, as Bogdan Bogdanović and Nemanja Bjelica eased the squad into the last minutes of the match. The last quarter was won by 22-12, with constant substitutions on both sides. More than enough for a victory.

As expected, Vesely was Czech’s most valuable player, with 23 points and 10 rebounds. On the other side, aside of Bjelica’s 10, and Miroslav Raduljica’s 5, Serbia has a fairly low performance, when it comes to rebounds.

Jan Vesely was key to tonight's strength of the Czechs. Photo: Eurobasket. All rights reserved.
Jan Vesely was key to tonight’s strength of the Czechs.
Photo: Eurobasket. All rights reserved.

As the competition coming towards its final stages, it is necessary for the players of coach Aleksandar Đorđević to improve their defence, as well as the triple scores, in order to increase the amounts of easy points, and stop the opponent from doing the same.

The upcoming rival for Serbia in the semifinal phase will be the winner of the match between Italy and Latvia, that is about to start.