Another victory for Serbia, in another incredibly strong match. This time the host, Germany, has put in all of their efforts to makes sure they would make their home crowd proud.  In a very physically demanding duel, the players of coach Aleksandar Đorđević have managed to prevail over a difficult rival, allowing themselves a second win, in as many days.

Photo: Star sport. All rights reserved.
Photo: Starsport.

The incredible Nemanja Bjelica shined again, as he showcased some truly beautiful moves, especially in the key area. Those uses of empty space right underneath the hoops, paired up with some very important three pointers, made it possible for Serbia to win.

Both Germany and Serbia have used the three pointers as a tactical weapon, in order to increase the suspense, in the final score. Rebound, after rebound, the Germans fought with everything they had, against a slightly imprecise Serbia, when it came to the direct hits, as the ball just wouldn’t get it. But the tactical ideas of coach Đorđević, who was able to follow the rival’s every move, and react accordingly, have enabled the squad to reach victory, without additional time.

These days, it is good to carry the name Nemanja. Both Bjelica and Nedović have taken a substantial part in this victory, further propelled by Zoran Erceg, who seemed to shine right in the moments when that was needed most. His three pointers gave energy to the squad, silencing the home crowd. Another pleasant surprise is the debutant, Ognjen Kuzmić, whose defensive moves gave Serbia that extra edge.

A loud and proud presence of the Serbian fans on both days of the competition. Photo: MN Press. All rights reserved.
A loud and proud presence of the Serbian fans on both days of the competition.
Photo: MN Press

The centres defence was far from solid today, during most of the match, but a quality in the transitions eventually compensated this lacking element. Team Serbia will absolutely have to make sure their defence is strong enough to handle the pressure of future matches, most of all in the key areas, and rebounds.

A standardly excellent Dirk Nowitzki was holding most of the important points for his squad, while Bayern’s Schaffartzik made sure Serbia wasn’t allowed any easy points.

Even though Serbia rose, in the third quarter, giving up to 6 points of lead, he match result was uncertain, until only seconds before the end of the final quarter, as Nemanja Bjelica floated a two pointer, right from under Germany’s firm defence ring, leaving only 0,9 seconds to the end of the game. Cold as ice. Shaffartzik missing Germany’s last chance for a point made Serbia’s victory official.

The upcoming rival for team Serbia is Island. A very pleasant surprise of this year’s Eurobasket. But after a day of very well deserved rest.



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