The USA beat Greece (10-8) in the final of the World Women’s Youth Waterpolo Championship after a tense first half. Jenna Flynn titled as the overall leading scorer.

Video: J.L.

Team USA started strong in the first quarter, with Greece picking up the pace in the following 8 minutes with a loud support from the stands. Chaldaiou scored the equaliser in the final second of the 2Q (6-6). After a video analysis the goal was confirmed as valid for the Greek side.

The following 5 minutes marked a tipping point as the US players ramped up their offence, breaking the opponent’s confidence. Julia Bonaguidi scored for the new lead (7-6) and was later followed by Flynn (8-6).

The last quarter was heavily defence-based on both sides, with Team USA fighting to increase their power balance. Despite Greece losing some of the focus and missing important shots the U.S. advantage remained low until the very end.

Powering through with another amazing rendition at the Belgrade final Jenna Flynn scored her third goal of the night, her team’s 10th Just 1:19 before the final whistle it became clear that we had a winner and a leading scorer. Jenna Flynn scored a total of 29 goals at the World Championship. The MVP was Greece’s Fonteini Tricha, while the best keeper was Hungary’s Szonja Golopencza.

This is the first win for Team USA in the Women’s Youth division since 2014 and a great reason for celebration for all of the families who cheered on their girls at the venue.

Earlier today Hungary beat Italy for the bronze (9-5), while Spain got 4th place after beating Australia (16-12).

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