Man United lost to Tottehnam 0:2. Their away match was all about attempts that led nowhere and gave away precious points. Tottehnam were more than motivated, scoring their first goal in the first 60 seconds on the field. Eriksen scored for the spurs in second 11 after a beautiful assist by fan favorite Harry Kane.

Despite any initiative by the Reds, Tottenham didn’t seem to have a difficult job tackling the opponent.

The cherry on top came from Phill Jones who did manage to score. On the wrong side.

Tonight marked a debut for Alexis Sanches in the still coveted red jersey. He was in fact whistled and booed every time he took the lead.

Whatever Jose’s United attempted wasn’t enough. Not even close. Letting go of the 3 points is the least of the Mancunians concerns. The game style remains the same in its core, no matter the results. All this in a time where major changes need to happen.

As the transfer window slowly drives to a close, this is the image of United the fans will be stuck with. At least for the following months.