Zvezda won the ABA League by beating Partizan 3-2 in the final series and 80-77 in G5. The historical Aleksandar Nikolic Hall had to be emptied half way through the match, leaving fans wondering if the final part of the series would continue tonight.

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The tension filled 5-game series also brings the coveted spot in the Euroleague, which won’t be moving from Mali Kalemegdan. 

The match that started at 20:00 ended around 23:30. Indeed, as we already know, behind closed doors with most of the Zvezda fans watching the rest in nearby bars. A mix of emotions was shown on the home fans as they were getting out. The trend of throwing small objects into the court continued and clearing everyone out was decided as the most efficient solution.

Before anything had happened, the start of the match was loud, proud and absolutely packed!

The Red and Whites had two consecutive match points in front of Partizan fans for G3 and G4. However, Belgrade’s Black and Whites were able to return into the championship race. Their great energy and precision was of outmost importance for the 2-2.

Just like the previous four, G5 didn’t offer much viewing pleasure for either sides. Filled with faults, breaks and free throws, the ABA final series was a matter of testing the nerves. And it was the squad of coach Dejan Radonjic who proved to have nerves of steel.

Dejan Davidovac was the most notable in Red and White with 15 points and a key role in his team’s establishing themselves as champions. He is followed by 12 points of Nate Wolters.
On the other hand Partizan’s (and formerly Zvezda’s) Kevin Punter had an amazing shooting evening, scoring 27 points.

The Balkans don’t want a smaller NBA at home

Despite the relatively low score count the match caught the attention of sport fans worldwide, showcasing the specificities of European and Serbian basketball, which doesn’t want nor need for the competitions to turn into corporate buffets.

Both squads are now turning their energy towards the Serbian League and the improvements in the field which are bound to give us plenty more of nail-biting basketball.

Simultaneously, a conversation on the viability of the current Adriatic league format is becoming more prominent on social media. A conversation which will surely form many relevant questions by pre-season.

Do you want the ABA League to continue in this format?

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