After a tense World Cup final, absolutely worthy of the occasion, Argentina ousted France after penalties. A cycle is complete. Han ganado los pibes!

The final result of 3-3 brought in sufficient excitement for all of us outside the conflict. To us it wasn’t a matter of life and death. However it did feel that majority of the football-loving world was supporting Argentina. The country that truly lives for football that is now shaking with excitement and happiness for their National Team.

Was it really a penalty to Argentina in the 23rd minute of play? Was that actually a virus in Team France or was it a karmic revenge from the Real Ronaldo of ’98? Naturally, dilemmas and theories will continue to roam, as this was in fact the biggest match of the decade. The eyes of the entire world were peeled to the screens, livescores and social media, to get every bit of Finale facts during the big day.

Muchachos, nos volvimos a ilusionar

Knowing full well this would be his final chance at the Mundial title with Argentina, this Mundial was everything for Leo Messi. His motivation to keep winning was clear at the Copa América last season, and everyone followed suit. The tensions between players, coaches and staff were all set aside for the sake of this very outcome.

Los Gauchos started off incredible with a 3-0 lead. There was nothing for France to do in the first half. Rendered absolutely powerless the squad of Didier Deschamps was unable to bring a single kick towards the goal. Little did we know how much things would become complicated for Argentina.

France had its own World Cup legacy to follow. With a multitude of young stars, lead by the next greatest name of our generation – Kylian Mbappé, scoring a hat-trick tonight. It was Mbappé who kept France alive to the very end. The 23 year-old knows of no pressure and is sure to lift the coveted golden trophy in the years to come.

However, this was victory for the old school values in football that are celebrated as if there was no tomorrow.

In Argentina, fireworks are everywhere and every single free space in the towns and cities is filled with fans, flags and the colors of Los Blanco-Celestes. Their first World Cup since 1986 and a time when many of today’s stars were not even born. The party at the Capital’s Plaza de la República was full for every single Argentina game, and there is no way of telling when will it be vacated. Two weeks? A month? How long does one celebrate winning THE WORLD CUP in a country that breathes football?

Records are sure to be made and it’s not even homecoming time for the players. That’s yet to be organized.

This is Argentina’s third World Cup. The one they had to wait for the longest, while captain Leo Messi holds the new record of World Cup matches played at 26, toppling Lothar Matthaus. The dilemma of GOAT seams over. The stats are also infinite. From kicks, to possessions and the speed of each penalty kick. But do they really matter? I can guarantee that the millions of Argentinian fans would shake their heads as they sing Muchachos, ahora nos volvimos a ilusionar.

I cannot explain this to you,

For you will not understand,

The finals that we lost,

The years that we cried,

But that is now over…

Because, boys, we have brought our hopes up again

I want to win the third,

I want to become a World Champion!

And Diego,

We can all see him from the sky,

With Don Diego and La Tota

Cheering on Lionel

In the weekend when we feel the terrible loss of the incredible Siniša Mihajlović, Argentina has given us a reason to celebrate football. And alongside Siniša, Diego is surely giving us a smirk from up above. He knows exactly what this feels like. Joy in its purest form. His Pibes dreamt for decades and truly came to Doha to become champions.

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