After realising his dream and getting into the NBA, the 221cm (7’3) tall Boban Marjanović had faced doubts about his performance. During the past week, the former Euroleague MVP was transferred to the D-League and then swiftly brought back into the San Antonio Spurs, after showing everyone he is meant only for the big leagues. 

Photo: San Antonio Express News. 

Last night was his first game back, after the short leave of absence. And did he rock it! 18 points in as many minutes, 4 rebounds and moves that made sure to impress sports fans and experts around the world. Posters, flying all around. Needless to say, he was getting applauses even from the opposing fans.

As San Antonio was beating the Sixers, with a historical score of 119:68 in Philly, Greg Popovich was probably wondering as to why he was ever questioning the power of the Serbian center.

Looks like that his European nickname The Bobinator will now stick in the States.