The players of Vojvodina Handball Club, have managed to impede a Jordanian citizen from trying to open one of the plane doors, as the Lufthansa aircraft was traveling from Fraknfurt to Belgrade. This way impeding a large scale incident.

The players of Vojvodina HC were coming back from a Champion’s League match in Porto, placed only a few seats away from the man  who later tried  to open up the door. As one of the players Goran Trkulja stated, the man was acting restless from the start, and various passengers tried to get the cabin staff’s attention to this type of behaviour.

“Somewhere mid-flight, the guy jumped and tried to open the door. Another young man stopped him, but he tried to do it again. There was no yelling, but one of the staff came in and transferred him to business class, asking us if we would keep an eye on him, until the plane landed. Rastfortsev and Mirković went along, and stopped him from trying to get away again. They said he was nervous during the rest of the flight.” 

One of the passengers’ heroes Alexei Rastfortsev. Photo:Web. 

The players also added that there was no opening of the cockpit doors. A fact that many tabloids have mentioned as proven information.

“The airport security and the police took charge of the matter, after the plane had landed. (…) We were all wearing our team’s hoodies and clothes, so that could’ve been the reason why the cabin staff had trusted us to take care of the matter.”  -concluded Goran Trkulja.

The problematic passenger will be arraigned and kept under police presence for at least the next 48 hours.

In the meantime, Milan Mirković and Alexei Rastfortsev were thanked ancongratulated by the Serbian president for this kind of bravery, that stopped the events from turning south. 

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Photo: State’s PR site.

Despite the different versions of this story being shared over the media worldwide, one thing is for sure. If you are planning an potential act of terrorism, make sure there are no handball players around.