El Madrid sale ganando en el Clásico

Real Madrid managed to make a complete turnover at Camp Nou, during one of the less eventful El Clásico matches in recent years. Despite the fact that Barcelona had started off with more initiative, and the fact Real ended the game with a man down due to the expulsion of Sergio Ramos, the end result was 1:2, in favor of the guests.

The first half ended without goals, while Gerard Piqué was to score the first one for the home team. Benzema gets the game even at 1:1, while Bale’s score was annulled, due to a perceived foul. The win for Real was brought by Cristiano Ronaldo, who had the right angle in the 85th minute of the match.

Tonight’s El Clásico was dedicated to Barça’s former player and coach, Johan Cruyff.