Olympiacos BC has beat its greatest rival. The long awaited Panathinaikos – Olympiacos derby ended in favor of the red and whites (77:79) at the green’s home court of Oaka.

George Printezis, the problem solver.  Photo: Euroleague

Despite the equalized beginning, Olympiacos was able to create a gap and take the lead, through great follow throughs by Birch. But it was far from over. The match was getting into equalizers, with Pao having objective chances of winning, including good numbers.

Nevertheless, a good reaction in the key area by Georgios Printezis brought them a 2+1 advantage, only 3 seconds before the end of the game.

The ball was left for the home team, but they lost their chance for another equalizer, giving Olympiacos an upper hand and an important win.

Tonight’s MVP is Vassilis Spanoulis with 22 points and a PIR of 24, while Panathinaikos was best defended by Nick Kalathes, who scored 16 points with a PIR of 22.


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