Serbia continues their winning streak. A third win, in as many games of the Eurobasket, after a day of break. The players of coach Aleksandar Đorđević have beat a very lively Iceland, by 93-64. The European Championship debutantes refused to give up, even  when was no doubt about Serbia’s victory. Their fast paced style and an excellent 3 point scoring rate, have managed to get them the respect of all the rivals, and fans.

Ognjen Kuzmić performed very well today. Photo: Starsport. All rights reserved.
Ognjen Kuzmić performed very well today. Photo: Starsport

Team Serbia never underestimates their rivals, so the squad went into this match as strong, as they would with any other squad, even after considering the obvious differences in quality and experience. A very good control over the two point hits and defensive jumps has helped, while the key area standings were extremely important. The centres took quite a beating, considering the opponent’s aggressive playing style. On the other side, a lack of precision from the 6,75 line, as well as the offensive jumps will have to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Photo: MN Press. All rights reserved.
Photo: MN Press. All rights reserved.

The focus was lost during the end of the third quarter, but the general impression of the second half, is that there was a lot more patience within the players, in comparison to the first. This was also the match in which coach Đorđević gave more time to the players that have so far spent less time on court, while giving players such as Teodosić, Bjelica and Marković more time to rest.


When it comes to the players with most points were: Nedović, 15p, Raduljica (13p, 3 rb), Kuzmić, 11p. In fact, the entire squad has scored today, and this was one of the best moves. As you know, very few things can make these two just smile.

Serbia’s plays next, against Turkey. Undoubtedly, a match full of tension and very strong play that lies ahead. The other two matches of the day in group B are Germany – Turkey, and Italy- Spain (at 9pm, CET).