Unless you spent the past year living under a rock, you must have heard this name. The talented Englishman is the leader of Leicester, this season’s biggest Premier League revelation, and a living proof that big dreams can in fact happen to every day people.

Hot headed, yet precise. Photo: Web.

He was born January 11th of 1987, a year that has brought us so many brilliant athletes worldwide. As the depiction of the “boy next door”, Vardy grew up in Sheffield. Playing football and not rocking too many boats on court.

After being simply released from the Sheffield Wednesday, Vardy began his professional career with the Stocksbridge Steels. He made it out of the reserves through the first team of this Division One club. At this point, he was earning around 40 euros a week. Despite of showing a promising talent, he didn’t move far.

Vardy’s  next team was Halifax Town, where he spent a year, followed by Fleetwood Town, between 2011 and 2012, when he scored 31 goals and became the center of attention, by winning the Player of the Year award.

In 2012 things started to change for the striker who had to work various jobs during his playing career, in order to pay for the basic life costs. Jamie Vardy gets signed by Leicester for a record 1 million pounds.

Despite a promising start, the season that followed made him seriously consider leaving football. Luckily for Vardy, the rollercoaster that is sport, had stopped taking him down. An increase in his physical fitness, brought a boost in self confidence and a massive turnaround in his performances. He had scored a total of 16 goals, and was titled Player of the Season, as his team finally moved into the coveted Premiere League.

He spent the year 2014 establishing himself as a player among the big guns, with very few people realising that soon enough, he would become one.

The current season is a definite proof of his success. In October, he won Premier League’s Player of the Month award. The first one for his team in fifteen years. And a month later, he set his first record in the competition. Jamie Vardy had scored in 11 consecutive games. The previous record was held by Van Nistelrooy.


At this point, his transfer value had already skyrocketed. From some 2,5 million euros, to 20 millions, in less than a year. Nevertheless, he wasn’t sold off during this transfer window, as the club’s managers refused any potential deals. Instead, he continued his strong run with the Foxes, signing a contract until 2019.

Yesterday marked his first goal for the English National Team, which he became part of in May of 2015. Vardy scored a fantastic goal against Germany, for England’s 3:2 away win.

His fast and explosive playing style, combined with general quick thinking around the goal posts make him a pleasure to watch. Despite his speed, he hasn’t become selfish on the field. But he is sure to put on quite a show for all of the fans.

From an ankle monitor and a non league status, to an international goal scorer with a secure enough future, Jamie Vardy is a true representation of how luck can finally change. For the better. 


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