It’s now been two years since I officially started blogging. A casual project  I wasn’t sure if I could keep up with for more than a few months is another year older. And these 365 days flew by even quicker.

The person to “blame” for what I do today is an editor planning on creating an entirely new magazine for an enthusiastic family member.

We had spoken during the time I was thinking about starting a unified blog. I was on the fence, unsure if I could make it work, if it would even be worth starting.

Then I realized, if this person is willing to go full on – paper, the least I could do is try a quick little (and at that point cost free) project. So I did. Remembering the old, learning the new, from tech to details… It’s been a long way since that first article.

Dozens of games in the biggest mainstream sports, two European Championships, an Olympic Qualifier, a quick venture into the NBA, incredible crowds, huge performances, matches that get every single emotion out.

Homecomings, dancing, the process of sitting down and putting an event into writing…  It really is something special. So is knowing that people from timezones away are following the content created by a girl in Serbia.

I make sure I go the extra mile, even for the matches I’d normally see, without having to do any blogging. I find that it adds to the well rehearsed routine.

The only downside – long lines and pat downs. And having to survive many steps in full winter gear.

After the summer break, I’m ready to go for Year Three.

Thank you for sticking around.