After an incredible winning streak, of seven games and as many victories, Serbia has lost. Lithuania  was the team to break this amazing score, by a 67-64 win over the Eagles.

Photo: Eurobasket. All rights reserved.
Photo: Eurobasket

The Greens proceed into the final, as Serbia is left to fight for bronze on Sunday against an equally disappointed France. The host intends to end the competition with a medal, while Serbia is looking for at least a third place solace. Nevertheless, the 2016 Olympics will still stay as a hypothetical option for both teams, as only the spot in the final was a guarantee for a trip to Rio.

Another great victory for the Serbian National team on the Eurobasket. This time, against an expectedly tough opponent. The Czech team, lead by the 2,13m tall Jan Vesely, made sure there were no easy points. Their precision from the 6,75 border, as well as a strong defensive pace, gave team Serbia, a run for their money.

Teodosić performed with a double-double today. Photo: Eurobasket. All rights reserved.
Teodosić performed with a double-double today.
Photo: Eurobasket.
Očekivano težak meč protiv selekcije Češke, obeležen stalnim izmenama u oba sastava, te odličnim partijama Teodosića, Bjelice i Ercega. Kapiten je ovom prilikom uspeo da obori sopstveni rekord na šampionatu, od 13 asistencija, zabeleživši danas 12 poena i 14 asistencija, uz dabl-dabl učinak. Nemanja Bjelica imao je večeras 14 poena i 10 skokova, kao i 5 ličnih grešaka do kraja četvrte četvrtine.

A phenomenal Serbia enters the knockout phase of the European basketball championship from a B1 position, fulfilling its first goal of the competition. The players of coach Aleksandar Đorđević have marked another win in the group stage, making a perfect record, 5 out of 5.

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Ponovo prava rapsodija reprezentacije Srbije. Pala je i Italija, čime su izabranici Aleksandra Đorđevića ostvarili savršen skor, od 5 pobeda u isto toliko utakmica. Ponovo je plesao po terenu kapiten Miloš Teodosić, sa ubačenih 26 poena. Njegovi potezi u saradnji sa Bjelicom i Raduljicom će nesumnjivo biti prikazivani iznova i iznova, kao neki od najlepših na šampionatu. Konačno je savladana i barijera od stotinu bodova, čime je srpska ekipa po prvi put postala trocifrena na šampionatu, rezultatom od 101-82, nakon dva slobodna bacanja Nemanje Nedovića, samo nekoliko sekundi pre kraja utakmice. Zajedno sa ali-upovima Nikole Kalinića, većinski naša publika u Mercedes-Benc areni je imala razloga za uživanje. Srbiji sada sledi zasluženi odmor do nedelje, i to sa željene B1 pozicije, nakon čega se sastaju sa Finskom, nakon njihovog poraza od selekcije Poljske.

Another victory for Serbia, in another incredibly strong match. This time the host, Germany, has put in all of their efforts to makes sure they would make their home crowd proud.  In a very physically demanding duel, the players of coach Aleksandar Đorđević have managed to prevail over a difficult rival, allowing themselves a second win, in as many days.

Photo: Star sport. All rights reserved.
Photo: Starsport.

Selektor košarkaške reprezentacije Aleksandar Đorđević, saopštio je večeras imena dvojice igrača koji neće nastaviti put na Eurobasket. 


After two wins in as many matches against Israel, the Serbian National Team is leaving Tel Aviv more than contented. The players of coach Aleksandar Đorđević were able to prevail in another friendly, showing off good results from their preparation work. The final score was 79-71, in favor of the guests.

In front of around 10.000 spectators, including many foreign fans, the team of coach Aleksandar Đorđević was able to easily defeat China, as part of the Belgrade Trophy friendly tournament.

The Chinese fans. Photo by J.L.
The Chinese fans. Photo by J.L.

The Serbian players have entered the match fully equipped to take on any opponent, which they have proved, with their strong play and some truly beautiful moves. Without a doubt, captain Miloš Teodosić is back. The player that is beyond able to make any team mate shine, has proven why he is considered one of the best in the world. Euroleague’s MVP, Nemanja Bjelica also had a very good game, undoubtedly worthy of his title.

A pleasant surprise was the young Nemanja Dangubić. The tall guard used this game to show off his progress in the past season, improving his chances to represent Serbia at the upcoming Eurobasket. His dunk was one of the best moves of the night.

As the match progressed, the opponent was becoming increasingly physical, injuring Miroslav Raduljica, and Nemanja Dangubić. Both in the facial region. Luckily, both of the contact injuries are minor.

Coach Đorđević has taken the chance to positively comment on his players, and show understanding and respect towards the rival. At one point, it seemed to me that they weren’t left with anything else, except enter into physical contact. It is a matter of competitors pride. (…) 

Miloš Teodosić played an excellent match. Photo by J.L.
Miloš Teodosić played an excellent match. Photo by J.L.

My philosophy is for the players to always play as strong as they can, because that represents a due respect to the national jersey. It shows that we’re on the right path, the boys are focused. I take no objections. 

He has also invited everyone to the Belgrade Arena, in order to support the National Team, tomorrow night. We will pay it back, by our sacrifice on court. The match between Serbia and Russia starts at 20:30 CET.

A strong victory over China. Photo by J.L.
A strong victory over China. Photo by J.L.

The conclusion of Serbian basketball NT coach, Aleksandar Đorđević.

After a defeat in their second preparatory game, against France as host (78:65), Đorđević stated that the match was lost due to the team’s errors and that all of the members need to make strong efforts in order to reach the winning shape, before the beginning of the Eurobasket.